In April we delivered a completely sawmill line from our production to Romania. The line consists of a high-performance double-spindle circular saw Typ DBS-350 and a powerful multi-blade circular saw Typ MBS with various mechanizations – 5 full trailers with a total weight of over 40 tons. A sawmill can meet demanding customer expectations. It is already the 7-th completely sawmill line from us in Romania. We would like to thank this medium-sized company from the Cluj region and wish them continued success in their future business.

Two multi-blade circular saws went to customers in Germany this month. A pallet manufacturer from the Sauerland region received a MBS-saw. The practicality and robustly designed machine will take over all cutting. This machine have received special equipment device – driver output-rollers, that is very effective for pork belly`s output. The second saw type HNS went to the sawmill in the Westerwald. With a cutting height of 200 mm and a cutting width of 750 mm, the HNS is perfectly suited to sawing of the planks and boards from his frame-saw and it is sufficient for almost every application. As an optional extra, our customer has opted for an automatic infeed roller with pneumatic pressure. The second saw type HDS-2 for the same customer is currently under construction. The machine will be fitted with two adjustable saw bushings and a spring-loaded riving knife. We thank you for your trust and wish you a smooth production process.

A company from the Sauerland region, it is working in the bioenergy sector, ordered a complete debarking line from us. The debarking line consists of a used debarker and mechanization that we have developed and produced according to the customer’s ideas. The customer consciously chose a used machine as debarking machine. Two aspects were decisive for this – the price advantage over a new machine and our experience in overhauling the used debarking machine. This means that this machine can still be used. The used machine was been professionally completely overhauled by us and will continue to serve well for years to come. We will start assembly the line shortly. We look forward to a new and long-term collaboration.