MS Maschinenbau is currently assembling a large automatic log sorting system and a high-performance sawmill. This greatly strengthens our position in Africa, especially in Zimbabwe. This is our 5th major venture in Zimbabwe.

During the installation, our employee Mr. Mund came across a kindergarten on the premises of Allied Timbers (our customer) and saw these many, small, curious children’s eyes. Our managing director Mr. Schmitz was so touched that he decided to help and make the children happy. On the last trip, Mr. Mund brought a lot of toys, coloring books, etc. with him and gave them to the children. Then we received a wish list from the teacher, which we immediately started to work through. We are creating a small playground there with swings, slides and seesaws. We also provide many learning materials.

We have also decided to support this kindergarten with a monthly donation on a permanent basis. There is nothing more beautiful than the joy of children in the eyes. This comes before economic interests.