This machine is able to debark round logs from a min. 60 until 800 mm Ø. The feedrate of 30 m/min. make it possible to debark 400 or even 600 m3 Round  ogs in one shift!

These production-line is robust and constructed for a very long working life. Because of the high weight, this machine works nearly without any vibrations and very silent. The built-in high-performance rotor-bearing supports with its smoothness to the general noise level of the machine. The HEM-product line can be used in all sawmills with a cutting-capacity of 5.000 until 200.00 m3 round logs per year.

The 3 types HEM-350, HEM-600 and HEM-800 are able to debark nearly every different diameter of round logs. This very good price/performance ratio will help you in making your own buying decision.

Technical data

HEM-350 HEM-600 HEM-800  
min. log-diameter 60 100 150 mm
max. log-diameter 350 600 800 mm
min. log-length 1,2 2,0 2,5 m
feed rate 25 30 30 m/min.
number of knives 8 5 5
main-motor for the rotor 15 37 55 kW
feed gearbox for feeder tray 1,5 9,2 11,0 kW
feed gearbox roller 5,5 5,5 + 7,5 7,5 + 11,0 kW
weight 2.700 10.500 12.000 kg

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