Heavy drum chipper for wood waste disposal

The removal of wood waste is very important for each saw-mill just now and in future. Of this reason we decided to develop strong drum chipper. Even this machines are constructed like our other machines, that means very strong-build and made for a long working-life. The motor-possibilitys are enough for every

The THK-540 chipper series is the reinforced heavy-duty version of the THK-430 chipper series, covering almost all applications of a drum chipper. Due to the strong motorisation, the disposal of residual wood is no longer a problem, even in large sawmills. Hourly outputs of 20-30 m3 of residual wood are absolutely realistic.

Optional extras

  •  vibrating-conveyor
  • CE-package

Technical data

THK-540-45 THK-540-55 THK-540-75  
chop-width / chop-height 540 x 200 540 x 200 540 x 200 mm
chop-length 30-35 30-35 30-35 mm
rotor-diameter 600 600 600 mm
rotor-speed 590 590 590 U/min.
feed gearbox 4,0 + 3,0 4,0 + 3,0 4,0 + 3,0 kW
feed-speed 30 30 30 m/min.
motor 45,0 55,0 75,0 kW
Infeed-rubber-conveyor 6.000 6.000 6.000 mm
outfeed-rubber-conveyor 2.000 2.000 2.000 mm
weight 4.000 4.300 4.500 kg

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